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European Heritage Awards
Europa Nostra Awards 2019

The European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards were established by the European Commission in 2002 and have been organized annually since then. The Prize honors and promotes the best examples in the field of heritage conservation, research, management, volunteering, training and communication. In this way, the Prize contributes to a stronger public appreciation of cultural heritage as a strategic resource for Europe's economy and community. The Awards are supported by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.

The ‘Vlaamse Vereniging voor Industriële Archeologie’ (Flemish Association for Industrial Archaeology, VVIA) received an award in the "Dedicated Service" category because of its volunteer commitment since 1978 for the preservation of industrial and technical heritage in Flanders, and this without any government funding.
We consider this recognition a great honor, and also an incentive to revaluevolunteering in the heritage sector, and to stimulate and promote the role and commitment of volunteers.

In addition to this grand prize, VVIA is also eligible for the Public Choice Award.
We also want to use it to argue for the role of heritage volunteers.
If VVIA were to win this Public Choice Award, it would be an important signal to encourage and activate heritage volunteering.

Citizens from all European countries can now express their preference and appreciation for one of the projects selected for the European Heritage Awards/Europa Nostra Awards 2019.
This is done by casting a vote for the Public Choice Awards.

There are 25 candidates for this Public Choice Awards.
So cast your vote for the Flemish Association for Industrial Archeology if you are convinced volunteers and volunteering are essential for the conservation and interpretation of industrial (and other) heritage.
And ask everyone you know to do the same!

How can you vote for the Public Choice Award

Step 1

Go to the webpage and wait for the entire page to load.
This takes some time because 25 films with representations of the candidates have to come in.

Step 2

When all the videos have arrived, scroll down until you find VVIA (just after the half of the page, the 16th video) and you vote there a first time. Of course you give VVIA the first vote, because that vote is worth three points.
Once that is done, you must have the page reloaded twice to cast a second and third vote. These two other projects and receive 2 and 1 points respectively.
You can only vote for one project per country. You can vote once per e-mail address.

Step 3

When you have cast the three votes, you must enter your details and e-mail address on the voting form at the top. Then check whether all your voting details are correct, and especially if VVIA is in the first place in your list. If you have made a mistake, you can correct it if necessary (eg if accidentally you did noit give the first vote to VVIA). Click to confirm and cast your vote.

Step 4

A message will then be sent to your e-mail address. You must click on that message to confirm. Only then is your vote valid ...

The e-mail address you entered is stored in the Europa Nostra database, but with respect for the GDPR privacy rules. This is to make sure that one can only vote once per e-mail address.
But all your family members, daughters, sons-in-law, colleagues, friends and girlfriends, neighbours, members of your association, employees of your company or institution, ... can vote too. To be short, anyone who you can convince to cast a vote, can raise VVIA in the ranking.

The more people vote for VVIA, the better.
Voting is possible until 15 September.